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For a map based interface to this data, please visit:

These data consists of three products: Bare-earth DEM (DTM), Surface DEM (DSM), and an orthorectified radar intensity image (ORI). The elevation models have a 5-meter post spacing, 22-foot contour equivalent accuracy, vertical accuracy of 3-meter LE90 (0-10 degree slope) and horizontal accuracy of 12.2-meter CE90.

Additionally, edge-matching was performed along the 147th meridian. The edge-match is documented in the report provided with each pair of edge-matched cells. As the edge-match only affected four 15 minute tiles per cell, these folders only contain the tiles modified (no ORI data are included with these tiles). The original, un-modified data along the 147th meridian is provided in the data organized by acquisition company.

All datasets have been processed and delivered in Alaska Albers Equal Area Conic (EPSG:3338), NAD83 horizontal datum and NAVD88 vertical datum. The data includes FGDC Metadata, hydrologic enforcement, quality masks, and no more than 3% of void fill.

Please contact Ken Woods for more information or assistance.